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In the Spring of 2016 my wife and I experienced separate injuries ,
my wife broke her foot and I dislocated my knee. As part of our rehab ,
it was recommended that bicycle riding would be a good form of exercise ,
that would be low stress on the injured part , while assisting with range
of motion and strength. We hadn't been on a bicycle in years and at our age
were concerned about strength and stamina.

We decided to buy some electric bicycles , and were surprised at how nice
they were to ride and how well we responded to the exercise. With different
power settings in pedal assist mode we were able to adjust to our comfort
level as we ride. There are times that I become short of breath , so I switch
over to throttle only mode and am able to continue my ride without any effort
until I catch my breath. We find that we are able to maintain a good speed with
very little effort in pedal assist mode , and are able to enjoy longer rides
than we would have been able to with a normal bicycle.

Riding our electric bicycles has made us feel young again , and we enjoy
riding our electric bicycles so much we decided to start a business selling
them. We live on a small farm in the country where we enjoy a slower pace
of life and like to keep things simple. We designed our website ourselves ,
in a format that is easy to read and navigate while providing the important
information without a lot of bells and whistles. By keeping things simple
we are able to provide quality products at sensible prices.

We have spent a lot of time sourcing our e-bikes from well established
manufacturers who supply some of the big name brands in the marketplace.
We buy direct from the manufacturers and sell direct to the customers ,
thus eliminating extra " thumbs in the pie " that add to the cost of
the e-bikes. If you shop around you'll start to recognize some of our
e-bike models , sold by other companies with similar components ,
at much higher prices.


Ian and Jo Ann Fraser

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