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Only charge a battery with the charger supplied. Never charge a battery that
shows any signs of damage. Never drop the battery. Always protect the battery
from physical damage. Do not dispose of used batteries in regular household waste.
Discontinue the use of a battery if battery overheats during a charge cycle.
Never open the battery or short circuit the terminals of the battery.


It is best to store the battery in a cool location at temps. between
10 C and 25 C . Never store the battery in temps. above 45 C or below
- 10 C . Never expose the battery to extreme temp. fluctuations or humidity.
Always protect the battery from humidity during storage to prevent corrosion
of the battery terminals. For extended periods of storage - lithium ion batteries
should be stored with at least 50% storage capacity and charged periodically
to maintain battery life - * required to maintain warranty *.


Extreme temperatures will affect battery life , especially during charging.
Avoid charging in direct sunlight or in hot or cold temps. It is recommended
to charge batteries at room temp. ( 20 C ). A battery can be charged on or off
the e-bike. Always connect the charger to the battery first , before plugging
in the charger to a power outlet. A lithium ion battery does not have a memory
effect, the battery's maximum energy capacity will not be affected by repeated
recharges after repeated partial discharges. The battery does not need to be
completely drained before recharging. It is recommended to charge the battery
after every ride. The battery charger is a smart charger , which will turn off
once the battery is fully charged. Once the battery has been charged , unplug the
charger from the power outlet and then unplug the battery from the charger. It is
recommended to plug and unplug the battery charger with the e-bike display turned off.


Some lithium ion batteries are equipped with " deep sleep mode " which preserves
battery life during extended periods of inactivity. To " wake up " a battery -
connect the battery to a battery charger and allow a full charge cycle.

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