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Fitting an e-bike to the rider is an important aspect of purchasing an e-bike.
A proper fit should result in a comfortable ride without any discomfort , which
will result in an enjoyable ride every time. Different style e-bikes offer different
riding positions , however , there are a few basics that apply to all e-bikes.

A very important step when purchasing an e-bike is to let us know your leg
inseam dimension , your arm length and your height and weight. By knowing
this information we can suggest the right model and size of e-bike that
suits you and can set up the e-bike to fit you. That way , when you come
to pick up the e-bike or we deliver the e-bike to you , there may only
be minor adjustments required.


The frame of an e-bike is measured as the distance from the center of the
pedal crankshaft to the top of the seat post tube. The size of the frame
of the e-bike that a rider should buy is determined by the height of the
rider. Generally , the height of the rider determines the leg and arm
length. Therefore , tall riders are usually more comfortable on e-bikes
with larger frames and shorter riders are usually more comfortable on
e-bikes with smaller frames.

INSEAM = Frame size plus 9 - 15 inches.
- add 6 inches for pedals.
- add 3 inches for saddle.
- add up to 6 inches for seat post.


This is the length of your legs measured from the inside of your crotch
to the ground. An easy way to measure this dimension is to stand up against
a wall with your bike shoes on. Straddle a book , spine upright , as if you
were sitting on your saddle. Use a pencil to mark on the wall where the
spine of the book touches the wall. Measure this distance to the ground.
This measurement corresponds to the pedal to seat measurement.

 Inseam Measurement


The height of the seat is determined by the inseam measurement of the rider.
At the lowest position of the pedal the rider's knee should be slightly bent.
While sitting on the seat the rider should be able to touch the ground with
tippy-toes. The seat height is easily adjusted by a clamp on the seat post.

 Bent Knee


The position of the seat should allow a comfortable reach to the handlebars,
and when the pedal crank is parallel to the ground the rider's knee should
be directly over the center of the pedal. The seat is easily adjusted ,
front to back , by a clamp on the seat frame.

 Seat Position


The height of the handle bar is determined by the style of bike. A mountain
e-bike handlebars should be lower than the seat height. An urban e-bike
handlebars should be slightly higher that the seat height. A fat tire e-bike
handlebars should be slightly higher than the seat height. With a proper
fitting e-bike the rider should have slightly bent elbows. The handlebar
height can be adjusted by stem angle and height.

 Riding Position

These are only general guidelines , we can custom fit any style of e-bike
to any rider's preferences upon special request - some extra charges may
apply if extra parts are required. Other accessories can also be added
that might include fenders , rear carriers , front baskets , stem extensions ,
angled stems , extra tall seat posts and more...

Any upgrades , modifications or customization must be submitted in writing ,
approved by Sales Dept. and Tech. Dept. , and paid in full in advance , as
well as, the e-bike that is being modified must be paid in full in advance.
No refunds on custom upgrades. Any further changes or upgrades will
require approval and be charged accordingly.

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